Chalk the Town

I think that Storify is great platform to tell stories and is a giant step for journalism.

My experience with Storify was a very incredible learning experience. It was very frustrating at first. Trying to find things on the internet to add, especially Facebook, was hard for me. Because most people have their post and statuses on private. Unless it is something along the lines of an organization, then it was hard for me to find a post relevant to my story. Flickr and Twitter weren’t that hard because people for the most part make their tweets public.

I think that storify is so specific. That’s what I love about it. It’s made for certain people that like certain things. And the post and pictures that you get add to your story. I believe as journalism become more and more online based, we need to incorporate not just video and pictures, but post to them. To me, it adds a personal element to these stories. In a way, it’s for the people but also by the people. It’s the constant conversations and discussion between the public and the reporter that makes this special. I truly believe that this is the future and how it will be. This is a great change of pace for industry too. The reporter aren’t talking to us, we’re talking back to them and adding to it.