Blog 2: Who is your favorite blogger?

I don’t have a favorite blogger. However, there is one blog that I go to for my digital and technological information. The blog that I go to all the time and swear by is slashdot.org. This blog is such a great source to know all about the newest technology, problems and innovations due from technology. On this blog, they spilt their pages into 8 sections: Cloud, Hardware, Linux, Management, Mobile, Science, Security and Storage. This makes the blog crowd-source friendly. They always have the newest news, while also adding their opinions on what may happen in the future (which sometimes happens). They also don’t always write their own stories, they link to other websites on the internet, have freelancer submit stories or they may link stories that further their stories for those that are further interested. So, you get a variety of writing styles and different voices adding diversity to the blog.

What makes their writing important is that technology is affecting our lives every day because we are consumed by it. And having someone writing about technology, pros and cons, innovations or improvements, and developments  is great so we as consumers of this technology understand what we are buying and  in some way, get a grasp on what is going on in the industry. Even though our live is consumed by technology, I think that all the news and information about it gets swept to the side so to speak. It’s there, but no one really notices it, unless it’s mainstream and can cause a large scale impact. This blog and other blogs like it also gives people the opportunity to become early-adopters of this technology. And sometimes this can better influence the people around them, causing the new or improved product to spread like wildfire. This can also work for things like the discovery of viruses and how to get the “patch” for the computer.

I think that they are pushing the envelope forward by constantly updating and staying on top on everything in the technology world. And between phones, computers, television and the web, that is such a difficult task. They are using Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds to better get their work out there. They mostly use links in their stories to other credible source (usually the home source) to further their source. However, I think that they could do so much more. The layout of the current blog is bland and if you’re not motivated by learning about technology like I am, then reading it is a lost cause. I wish that they would add videos and more pictures. They have such a great information, I wish that they would further their work in those mediums. They could do stand-ups or compare equipment and technology side-by-side using videos. Slideshows are very engaging. Overall, visuals would do the blog good. Maybe this is far fetched, but if they they had representatives (i.e. Apple, Microsoft, Nokia) writing for the blog, it would be great because they would know what is happening in the company furthering the knowledge and readers.


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  1. * ashleysap says:

    I’m definitely going to have to check this blog out. I’m not as informed as would like to be with all the new technologies out there, its such a vital thing to know about out there in the career field. Last year, I was doing work from home for a PR firm that had clients that were mostly technology and financial focused and this blog probably would have been helpful when I was drafting press releases about topics I knew very little about. So this is very interesting to me.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 7 months ago

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